If you’re searching for an extremely reliable, cost effective plumber in Manchester call Gregson & Son. We carry out plumbing repairs and installation work on every type of property, from a burst pipe to the annual gas safety inspection for landlords.

A plumbing problem could be something very small, like a dripping pipe. On the other hand, you could be faced with a flood of water from a burst pipe and need expert help to fix the issue quickly.

Whatever plumbing problem you are currently experiencing calling us is the first step towards solving it. We’re always available on 077931 49792 and when you call us you will be speaking to someone with a vast amount of experience in dealing with plumbing work who is qualified.

If you need help with any emergency plumbing repairs please give us a call on 077931 49792.

What happens when you call us for help.
As soon as you call us you can be rest assured your call will go through to someone who can help you with your plumbing issue. Very often, once you have explained the problem, we can offer you some immediate advice over the telephone. This doesn’t mean we won’t be with you as soon as possible, of course – far from it. It basically means we may be able to recommend isolating the water supply or taking some other measures to prevent any further water damage being done to your property while you wait for us to get there.

Once we are at your property and we have identified the problem, we can provide a quotation you for whatever works best in that particular circumstance. And the price that we quote is the price you will pay for that work to be carried out. No hidden charges.

Most of the work we undertake comes via word-of-mouth or from our existing customer base. If this is the first time you have come to our website, we’d encourage you to call us right away on 077931 49792 We are always available to help,

When you trust in Gregson & Son to handle your plumbing work – whether it’s at a private or commercial property – you can trust us to turn up on time and provide an excellent service.

All our workmanship is guaranteed for 5 years providing Gregson & Son carry out an annual service on the boiler and maintain the system annually.


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